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I don't have an Ikonta but I do have an Ikoflex (both Zeiss Ikon) and with that camera, if you use the red window, you only get eight exposures per roll. Once you have set the first frame with the red window, it is essential to use the internal frame counting to get the full twelve frames per roll.
Strangely, with my Ensign Commando it is the other way around, if you use the internal frame counter then you only get 11 exposures, but if switch the counter off, (it has a simple switch which either sets the counter, or allows use of the red window) then you get the full set, with my Super baldax I get twelve whatever I do,
With your Ikoflex is it a dual size,? many cameras were either 8 6X9 or with a mask 12 6x6, I have an Ensign 820, which is as the above, I generally use it with the built in mask aas 6x6