I'm looking to get into a MF system and in a Kiev thread, someone mentioned that the Mamiya 645 system might be an option. I went on a bit of a search, and the Mamiya may very well be an answer. Briefly, here's what I'm looking for in a system:
1. Focal-plane shutter,
2. MLU
3. SLR
4. Good glass, reliability and functionality at a reasonable price.

Although a 'true' 6x6 would be the holy grail, I simply cannot justify the price. To boot, I usually don't use all of the 'information' in a 6x6 negative, so 6x4.5 might not be too much of a sacrifice.

KEH seems to have excellent prices on 645s and gear, and I'm specifically leaning towards an M645 1000s in VG condition.

So, before I actually think about taking the plunge, does anyone have any thoughts, tips, or alternatives to the M645 as a system?