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Back to the original question. I take the remark "noticeable discoloration" as saying that the selenium toning did not go well either.
Clumsy wording of me. "Noticeable discoloration" actually meant to say that MCC 110 reacts well to selenium (change in colour as well as darkening of darks).

Thanks for the other suggestions. I was also given some (well, enough for 5 litres) slightly out-of-date indirect sulfide (I think) toner. This is a three bath kit, consisting of bleach and a two-part toner. The ratio of the toner parts sets the colour after bleach, from yellow to something on the other end.

So lots of combos of paper and toners to try- could fill the rest of my life.

I may try MCC 110 with only sulfide also, even though I don't expect much of it. But maybe "not much" is exactly the subtle result Roger seems good at, and his stuff is excellent like you say.