I was in fact looking for a fairly subtle effect. I don't like the slight green cast of un-toned warm tone papers. I wanted something warmer for some subjects, but far short of full on sepia toning. I find strong toning, while occasionally useful, to more often just look overdone. This is entirely my artistic judgment and taste and need not be anyone else's.

The New Orleans courtyard scene is actually an "overtoned" one that resulted in my trying the 1/8th strength in an attempt to gain more control and prevent accidentally toning more than I intend. I meant it to be far more subtle, and have a more subtle one on my wall. But that's about 10x11 or so (slight crop from a 6x6 negative) on 11x14 paper and I couldn't scan it, so I made an 8xwhatever one that I could, and it got away from me a bit and became a lot more toned than the one on the wall. I sent that one away on a print exchange over on FADU. Most people seem to like it this way, though, so I left it in on my Flickr page.

For the shot of my wife I wanted more full toning. The combination of evening sun and the wood of the park bench I thought would work well with a warmer look.