hi vic vic

i have a 11x14 camera that i use for studio type portraits.
its a century 8a, but i don't shoot film with it .. i use paper negatives.
i made a 11x14 back and paper holders .. and eventually i found an 7x11 back with film holders ..
using a big camera is nothing like using a smaller one. everything is a bit more deliberate .. and less
portable ...
paper takes the hassle out of the cost of film, so it frees me up to have a bit more fun and do things i
normally wouldn't commit a 7$ sheet of film to .. it also makes it easier to process the film by inspection ...

i don't stop down my lens, but use a big old wollensak triple convertible wide open ..
i have 2 monoblock lights that i use in soft b oxes its fun, and inexpensive ..

good luck !