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Here I go with n00b questions again. I attempted to print...cut up one sheet and made test strips. I was doing short exposures such as 5/10/15/20 seconds. Even when I had short exposures they turned black almost immediately. My guess is my "safe light", a worn yellow light that was given to me with the enlarger. Also I don't think I had enough developer in the tray as things seemed uneven (how deep should it be?) My guess is I have proper safelight . Aren't modern safelights red? Is there anything other than improper exposure to light that would have made things turn black so quickly?
Any other thoughts??? Thanks!
Regarding developer solution volume, a good rule of thumb for starters in a standard 8"x10" tray is 1-1.2 liters. I find 1 liter works quite well (for the stop bath and fixer as well). It keeps the paper well covered, and also allows for fairly vigourous agitation without spilling all over the place. Agitation should be continuous throughout the development time. Same for stop bath and fixer.

Most safelights for typical enlarging papers are either red or amber.