all the "major" labs here in LA still do the majority of their printing via Lightjet/chromira or digital minilabs that use RA-4 chems. I'm not talking about your wal-mart's or CVS's. I'm talking "PRO" labs that cater to higher-end clientele/professional photographers, but also charge a higher cost/print.

However, many of them are also offering inkjet services as a standard service. Not that its a "bad" thing, its just a personal preference on the part of the customer depending on what "look" they're going for.

Personally, MY preference is for GLOSSY paper(actually the "Pearl"(similar to Kodak's metallic) paper from Fuji is really beautiful)) exposed via lightjet/chromira.

I still make optical color proofsheets though. I gang up all my best rolls(not all, only the ones I deem suitable/worthy of a contact sheet) 1X/yr, and make proofsheets.

I drum scan color work, b/w gets optically/contact printed, and the subsequent prints get scanned if intended for web/display/etc...

Lee(OP), don't let some of these people talk you down about "hybrid" prints. When done well throughout the entire workflow(good scan, good lab, good printer/technique), the results will be vastly better than going to Wal-Mart or Costco(not that Costco's "bad", but IMO, they aren't a pro-lab by a loooooooooooong shot) for your printing needs.