Hello Folks

I want to photograph Kudzu and I am going to be in Atlanta and SC on business in early to mid August.
I plan to tag on an extra couple of days to do this. I will want to get back to Toronto preferrably via Charlotte NC.

I will not be driving but plan to bus or train it around. So it is very important that I can reach the location by bus from SC and get to Charlotte to catch my flight.

I would like a location within two hours bus ride from Charlotte where I can easily get to a large location of this plant. {remember I am not driving so a cab or local transit is how I want to get to the location}
I would require modest hotel/motel accomodation to hunker down for a couple of days.
As it is going to be so unbelievably hot , more than my fat ass has ever experience being that I am emerging from an Igloo here in the Canadian far north , a decent watering hole and food emporium would be nice close to the man cave.
I am not crazy , I have been on this Quest for a couple of years now .. I traveled through NC to Sandy Kings house once and had an vision during a tremendous thunderstorm. Turned out it was this Kudzu and I must capture it on film.

any help in locations that fit the criteria above would be welcome... I do not want to camp as I am coming off a course in Atlanta which forces me to wear my big boy business clothes.