Michael, I've just had a carrier cut and beveled from a type of coated framing glass, available in EU, that serves the same purpose as TruVue. To my eye, the colour, shade etc are identical to Nielsen's coated framing glass, though I am not sure who supplies them in Europe. This glass is called ArtGlass Water White, made by GroGlass in Latvia, and widely available in EU from framing suppliers. According to their web site, they use "advanced magnetron vacuum sputtering process to deposit a molecular film less than a micron thick": http://www.groglass.com/en/products/...specifications

When I sandwich a sheet of TMax 100, I get a faint, different looking NR on the emulsion side only, and only when significant pressure has been applied. I have not printed enough with it yet to know if it helps in the longer run, and I will report here after I had a good go at it, but it seems that NR are still present with this type of coated framing glass, though smaller and different. Incidentally, it is very nice as framing glass.