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I am going to have another try

When using Diafine as a developer, do you still expose for shadowdetail and put this in zone III (-2stops)
or do you proceed otherwise ?

I am going to try Plus-X in Diafine @400. I know I can test myself, but I would like to know from the
more experienced in advance.

Thanks again !
In a word, yes.

You should experiment though, as with any developer, with your particular film, meter and camera(s). This is even more important with a developer like Diafine.

If you use basic zone system like that, meter the shadows then reduce two stops for zone III, you are unlikely to get the effective speeds listed on the box. But you will still probably get more effective speed than with most developers. Just try it. As someone said, it lasts practically forever. It will eventually start to "wear out" but it takes a long time. Back in high school and college it was pretty much my only black and white developer and I shot a lot of film. I'd get about 60-70 rolls of 35mm out of a quart before the results started to look thin.