If I were you , I would prefer classic tried and tested and used by Ansel Adams XV but not the new one.
I asked the same question and hard to find a gallery at internet.
Classic Cooke uses Chance Brothers British made glasses and each lens element corrected to a best possible degree. Later technology prefers to distribute the aberration errors from one lens element positive and other lens element negative to destroy each other. I think if Cooke uses modern softwares , there would be no turning back.
And modern softwares tends to balance lower order aberration correction with distorting the higher order. I expect from that lens a bad rendition , eye catching distortion and bad bokeh.
I contacted with cooke and made a long conversation with chief designer and later I looked to modern Cooke cine lens designs and found them extreme over saturated.
I looked to RED Cine Camera shots with Cooke and they were terrible.
Use what Brits do their research and development by theirselves and use their own glasses.
BUT , from all over of that investigation , I found a XVA picture at photo net and best rendition I have ever seen.EXCELLENT
My investigation would be a handwaving and ask these questions to Cooke. May be they wrote their own softwares to catch up the aberrations similar to classic. They dont want to cut the gold egg giving chicken ,neither all of us.
Reversely Cooke site have few pictures taken with XVA and their colors were so natural and not hot like porn at the cine lenses. Two different and far examples from a lens company.
Chief designer wrote to me there are a sweet spot with warm color at the middle and cinematographers