I am into cold tones in my prints, I am about to sumbit an order w Formulary for some hand mixed gold toner and since I order from Formulary not too often, is there anything that you all typically have in your DR that I "need". I already have BZT which helps make my paper dev even colder. I am not really into warm toners and their supplies (bleach/sepia, etc) or interested in any scratch mixing of dev (paper/film), fixer, stop, HCL; as I have all that on hand.

Pretty new here setting up a DR and wonder if there is any "milk" or "butter" or “eye of newt” that you all typically have on hand that Formulary stocks that I shd consider grabbing while filling an order?

I am thinking of getting the below, (I already have gold chloride on hand and some of that residual hypo tester and acetic acid):

Sodium Chloride (10-1200 100 g) $4.50 $4.50
Tartaric Acid (10-1460 100 g) $9.95 $9.95
Sodium Sulfate (10-1320 100 g) $4.95 $4.95
Thiourea (Thiocarbamide)* (§) (10-1470 100 g) $5.95 $5.95

I am going to get supplies to make the two common types of gold toners (Clerc's and Kodak T26), they just differ in the sodium sulfate vs sodium chloride, but are similar:


Kodak T-26: