I think the problem lies in the fact that although many use digital cameras and a computer, relatively few - especially among the older generations - would learn to really understand how the machines work. Most computer users are not really aware that there is a hard disk inside it. They know somewhere the image or file is registered in some "memory".

I see my parents, my aunts and their relation to computers. They use the bare minimum. They have no "backup" concept. Nor they keep their pictures in any ordered way. Nor can I try to put order in the mess, as they wouldn't be able any more to find what they look for. Too many clicks. The concept of "directory" is often quite a nuisance for many. Imagine incremental back-ups.

By the same token I suspect that users of smart phones or tablets are not necessarily so smart as their devices. Yes they might flush their memory to a computer, but without organization all the pictures will be lost in a few years in the mare magnum. I think backing up is a minority concern.