For an addition to you John , Russian constructivists had been banned at Soviets and immigrated to Germany for Bauhaus school. In my research , bauhaus never be able to reach the soviet creativity and they were awful. I researched this subject to what can be done after 90 years and I found many many artists. If I go to Russia , I will copy many books and put in to the torrent file. The knowledge may be 50 GB will swirl in the world and impress the artists and whoever.
For the last word , new architects are lost in the nonlinear and genetic morphogenis which have no practical reason but climbs the building costs. Only s.... loaded arabs invest money in them.
I am finding great relief and sympathy , aesthetic and music in constructivism.
John , where can I find these books for library loan from US ? You are an architect and reveal yourself at your latest river pictures. I am thinking to make rectangular cuts and collages after my 1954 FED1 reaches here.