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I hate some of this digital crap. Today my wife asked me to take a portrait of her for some form she needed to complete and so I used her digital camera. When I pressed the shutter it whirred, bleeped and flashed and about ½ second later took the picture. What sort of camera is that? When I press the shutter I expect immediate response. A camera like that destroys the whole intention of what I am trying to do.
Well, at least you didn't have to coat the plate first... ;-)

As already mentioned, everything has its place. My oldest cam, a 100 year old Kodak brownie box camera that still gets used. My newest, a Lytro light field camera. Rather box shaped in its own right, no shutter lag, no wait for focusing. What once was old, is new again. My favorite, at the moment, a Busch Pressman C. Why? I rather like all the "drama" and fiddling that goes into making an image with it. As a result, I'm pretty sure I have the largest collection of flashbulbs on my block.