OK, so maybe I'm the only one on APUG who will admit to being over 60 AND watching the Comedy Central quasi-adult cartoon show "Futurama" -- it's adult in the sense that kids will miss half the jokes and references, not for the nature of the drawings or stories.

In the latest episode, which is being repeated tonight BTW, the robot scoundrel Bender decides to become a paparazzo, but insists on using a film camera, going so far as to point out that his negatives will outlast any digital files. When asked where he can still get film developed, he opens his chest to reveal a fully darkroom inside -- and later in the show, he access his darkroom (with trays of developer, stop and fixer) to makes some prints.

For we photographers, it's quite funny. Check it out tonight, or look for it in iTunes or Amazon -- Season 9, Episode 4 "The Thief of Baghdad" -- hence I've grabbed my most recent profile photo.