Umut, David, Walter

obviously, emulsions available now, kodak, ilford etc, the only old type is efke/adox. probably, those lens computing issues are less mandatory for b/w than color. i read on this forum things like - "flare resistance", "wide open". these are the things that captivate me more.
i see b/w a little bit like cooking - ingredients that make something new/authentic in the hands of artist/craftsman... light, lens, film, print...
with this in mind im looking at Cooke XVa convertible - maybe it has some inherent character that i will take to a sublimely unique touch on the print. the standard Schneider Symmar-L is always a great option otherwise.

as for the tripple convertible issue... 8x10 and Cooke lens is part of the study for the LF/ULF adventure im thinking to get into.
the 8x10 camera i favor the most is ArcaSwiss Misura, a genuine 8x10, or a maybe, a conversion kit from Misura 4x5. this might not be leica or rolleiflex in the hand, but mobility of this set is not a big issue (in LF terms at least), whether on hike/trekking, or taking it to indoor location. the moderate bulk of Misura should give confidence when working alone too, in short, this set will see a lot of use in practice, a spontaneous sort of use too. also, ArcaSwiss is probably the finest and most intuitive LF to use.
but the camera (genuine or converted from 4x5), has a little issue with longer extension, which normally goes to about 50cm. this should be enough for portraits i think, but not enough for convertible 476 set of Cooke XVa, which according to their data needs extension of about 52cm to focus just on infinity.

@ walter,
sneaked a look to your website, cool stuff. of course its not possible to recognize from the internet which are Cooke photos :-)
how close can u get with 311mm set if u have 50 cm extension ?
my GUEES is a little bellow 1m (maybe down to 0.8m) or 3foot, which is ok for portraits most of the time.
is it really different/unique/appealing when wide-open than what u would expect from modern Schneider ?