I cannot reveal who this is , but a young photographer has built in my estimation one of the largest darkrooms dedicated for his own personal work that I have ever seen.
This young man's darkroom when finished will be able to output and mount 5 ft x 7ft silver gelatin murals without even breathing hard.
All of his equipment is new, and ready to start producing work this fall.
I thought my darkroom was big but do I ever have penis envy over this one.

I have only seen darkrooms of this scope back in the early 80's when I worked at Jones and Morris Photo Enlarging , where we had monster rooms and horizontal enlargers to make huge murals.
This is amazing young man will definately help keep the Silver Tradition alive for many years to come. I will let him come forth in his own time about himself and work , but I am completely blown away with this young man and his darkroom.

Also Whiteys post about the Isenburg collection coming to Toronto, one I have never heard about this collection as well of AMC group here in Toronto, I am aware of Mike Robinson and he is a teacher at Ryerson and wondering if this collection is slated for this new gallery along with the Black Star Collection