APUG perhaps not the right forum for this "discovery" of mine, but some days ago I happend to come across a Swedish artist/designer, Sanna Dullaway
(http://smashingpicture.com/famous-co...anna-dullaway/), she is surprisingly good at (digitally) putting colour to old black and white icon pictures.
I think her very sensitive colouring av Dorothea Lange's "Migrant mother" really crossed my b/w heart; for me, at least, this most impressive picture of Lange is even more impressive in Dullaway's colour version, unfortunately I must say, but I keep coming back to her version.
Just her choice of putting some light blue to this mothers shirt, shows something about this mother and her situation that already is in Langes picture, but not perhaps seen by everyone before. I think I really discovered something with Sanna Dullaway's help!

With this photoshop technic I suppose future generation will not view our "b/w history" in b/w anymore - it will be in colour, as it always has been.