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I wonder if it is good to have any distractions in the darkroom. We constantly see posts where people have reversed the order of developer and fixer or omitted a processing step. People think that they are good at multitasking when in reality they are not. I even read that one photographer had a TV in the darkroom with a red gel so he could watch it when making prints.
I believe that was W. Eugene Smith. Must have really messed him up.

I couldn't stand to watch TV in the darkroom; in fact I can't stand it on in the background anywhere. Decades of living without cable or satellite, quite intentionally, has turned it into a severe irritant for me. I only have a TV to watch recorded or streamed movies, and certainly not in the darkroom.

But to each their own. I listen to jazz or blues most often. Sometimes it's on a CD but most often I put my iPhone on streaming WWOZ from New Orleans. I leave it just outside the darkroom plugged into an FM modulator, and pick up the signal on my darkroom boombox which has the display lights taped over. Works for me.