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For a look at Mr. Mironchuk's approach to B&W film development, look at http://www.mironchuk.com/hc-110.html

He indicates that he uses HC-110 dilution A and Dilution B.

He does not give any agitation method detail - no detailed agitation procedure descriptions. IMO. what he describes may well be a form of Minimal Agitation development, and may be congruent with semi-stand development.

Mr. Mironchuk wrote:"I, personally, only agitate one or twice during development, because I want to be gentle to my precious film." "If you are a constant or frequent agitator, your times will need to be signifigantly (sic) shortened, and your overall contrast may be "skewed"... with your film exibiting high contrast in the highlight areas, and low contrast in the shadow areas. I like my negatives to have higher contrast in the shadows, and lower contrast in the highlights... so I don't agitate very much. If the negatives are too thin, then I extend the overall time... I do NOT increase agitation."
This update post is mainly for others who happen to come across it while searching. He also said: "All that being said... I use a different dilution of HC-110, other than "A" (1/15), or "B"(1/31). I use a dilution of 1/63... or HALF the strength of Dilution "B"."