It has an old timey look and feel too it. The tones are quite nice shot at 100-200 speed. I personally like it best in rodinal and d76. I do not like the look of it pushed, even slightly to 400, but there are many who shoot it at this speed.

For a student photographer, you just cannot beat the price if you bulk load plus the 30% off kodak educational discount if you are in the USA (must be student and fax order with school purchasing order).

Its good stuff, a bit of a pain with the long rolls, but it is unique because of this, and the history behind it aswell. Also since its cine film, I have no worries cranking it through a trigger winder, or powerful motordrive. It also dries flat.

I have been working through about 1000ft of this myself. I have given away a number of these rolls to friends for them to try. Maybe if you can find someone where you are, you can shoot a roll and see if your up to taking that path. 400ft = ~80 rolls, which is very manageable and not that much actually. 1000ft = ~200 rolls which will keep you in stock for a bit.

I am probably going to take a break from it for awhile, and switch back to my last rolls of agfapan 250, which is just an awesome cine film stock. but after my last 30 rolls i have left, that will be the end of that. =[

Also there is a very long and continually running thread on it on the rff.