The first was an eBay ripoff, some loser didn't even use packing materials when he shipped it to me, he just threw it loose in a box, and I was kind of stuck with it. It did work for a while, but eventually died. I then got a 1000s and I liked it, but when a good deal on a Super came up, I got it because I wanted the backs. I was dealing a lot on eBay back then and I was kind of trading in my cameras with an alarming frequency. Except for the first, which was the original 645, the cameras have functioned perfectly.

The winder is wonderful because it allows you to take a picture and not have to remove your hands to use the crank before you take your next shot. If it wound like a 35mm I wouldn't want it either. The other thing it does on the Supers and Pros is give you a very good grip for your right hand. It makes the camera more like a 35mm in handling.

As for the gear problems, I have heard that Super backs are not as good as Pro backs, but both of my backs are fine and I have only heard that as sort of a rumor. I have not heard the same about the bodies, just the backs. So far I couldn't be happier with my Super and can't see the advantage of spending a lot more money on the Pro. If you don't want interchangable backs, then the 1000s is great as well and probably a few dollars cheaper.