Hello again and I am happy one of my posts is useful.

Movie films ... What can I say more , do you think a director invests 250 million dollars to a movie leaves his movie to a chance ? Movie films might be most heavily researched films on earth. If it is good for Cinema , it must be good for your photography , thats basic.

There are too many old timers used these films and post their positive opinions somewhere lost in the 1 million posts.

My neighbor is a military aerial photographer and he had been used movie films many years ago. He says , sometimes, some indian attacking the white guys shots comes off from the developer

If you are lucky , you can learn from a couple indian moves , we call it kamasutra , google it

6 dollar for tri x , 7 dollar for cigarette or you select the best tobacco and buy it from some folks and your roll cost 50 cent. Same happens at film business.

Intelligent people makes intelligent moves and protects their families money.