Hi all:

I have several Nikkormat EL's and FTn's that are in good working order but need new light seals and, I assume, mirror foam.

I bought an FTn light seal kit for one but it was about $14 and consists of just a few slithers of foam.

Can anyone tell me exactly what type and thickness of foam I need for each seal part, and where I might get small sheets of it? And a template from which to cut? Are the EL seals the same as for the FTn? I am thinking that it could be much more economical to cut my own seals from sheets, but I don't know where I would get the sheets, let alone what exactly I need. I probably have 5 or 6 cameras that need the seals and mirror foam, and I want to get them spiffed up for a fashion shoot I plan to do for my daughter's new fashion design business.

Thanks for any good suggestions!