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No evidence he is using film. Quote from here: http://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk...hing-called-3d
But further on down the page:

May’s zeal for imaging stretches back to the time he spent in his father’s darkroom.

‘I was lucky enough to have a dad who spent hours and hours with me in the darkroom, developing our own pictures and printing them.

‘I have a great love for photography, mostly the processes that were around when I was a kid, the films, the gaslight paper and the bromide paper and all that stuff, the smell of the chemicals… it will always be with me.’

He clearly still has a hankering for the darkroom and relishes the challenge of exploring processes from a bygone era - his personal ‘voyage of discovery’.

To that end he recently commandeered ‘the best wet plate practitioners of the present day’ in a bid to re-create the conditions under which Victorian photographer TR Williams would have worked.

May's latest mission involved the wet-plate collodion process and similarly antiquated darkroom techniques that brought him into contact with ‘all sorts of horrible chemicals’.