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I actually find I can't have any music playing in the darkroom. I get too distracted and I can't dodge and burn properly. I really need to concentrate on the metronome when dodging/burning and having music on is too distracting. Perhaps it has to do with being a musician. Not sure. Anyhow, I will sometimes put on talk radio, but I can't work properly during the commercial jingles.
Interesting how different people react differently. I find music relaxing (even upbeat music, but I wouldn't personally listen to, say, heavy metal while printing) and very helpful when printing, while talk drives me bonkers. I sometimes wait for the DJ to quit and get back to the tunes before starting another print.

On the other hand, I am not a musician in the same sense that a fish is not a bicyclist. So it's possible I'm just not engaging the part of the brain that pays attention to detail when I listen to music. Or some such part, anyway.