So I shoot a lot of 35mm (SLR) and 120 film. I have a Yashica Minister-D rangefinder as well as a (now broken unfortunately) Olympus 35RC. I really love those rangefinders and feel that I really want an M mount rangefinder.

So this brought me to several options. I prefer having a meter built in so I narrowed it down to the Leica M6, Zeiss Ikon, and Voigtlander Bessa R3M. The Leica was my top choice but the 1/2000 max shutter speed of the Bessa is very attractive. Also the Voigtlander is the cheapest of all three rangefinders while being the only mechanical one.

I have been reading tons and tons of reviews on the Bessa and although aperture priority would be nice, I have heard hte R3A has shutter problems. Can anyone elaborate on the reliability of the R3A? Also, if you have experience with any of the three rangefinders listed above I would appreciate if you could tell me your thoughts about the cameras.

At this point I am leaning towards a R3M with a 40mm 1.4 Nokton.