20 years ago , I met a person for buying a Leica II , he had two summitars , one coated other non. I selected the first one and later I bought the second one also. There was no difference and worked excellent , I dont give a damn to public legends and non coated lens performs excellent.

When it comes to your color question , I cant tell you the colors I like but Internationally common media was National Geographic Magazine and I love their colors starting from 1970s and end with late 1980s.

Strong color saturation was a Fuji invention for race with Kodak and its the grandfather of todays HDR people. I totally refuse all of this s..it.

For lenses it is Color MTF curve are the responsible for all. Its a graphic reveals the lens records what , how .Japanese lens makers are developing new lenses every year like a chicken and no time to engineer them like an art. They are tourist cameras who bankrupt to visit Disneyland and photograph with goofy.

Leica Summilux costed designers 10 years to finish it.

You cant read too much about color MTF and all these stuff developed in house of camera makers