Thanks for all the advice. I'm researching this some more and it's quite exciting but I have lots to look into. Jumping into 4x5 seems a bit more complicated in comparison to jumping into 120. I'm not sure exactly what I need as of now but my main concern is in the camera body/style and after that I'll worry about compatibility of parts and such. I guess the difference in print quality is quite subjective and depends more on technique. I'll let my eyes decide.

The non APO Schneider and Rodenstock lenses seem pretty cheap (in comparison to German 35mm and MF lenses, atleast), so I can probably get a 150mm and 210mm for not-too-much; maybe even a bit longer. <$200 seems pretty common. I don't plan on shooting color so the value of an APO lens isn't much to me.

Initially I wanted a folder but now I'm thinking of maybe even a monorail. It seems a bit of a pity to go into 4x5 and not play with the movements. Originally when I jumped into 120 I wanted a larger negative but I learned that shooting from the waist was a completely different way of shooting.

If I get a folder I'd probably get a Super Graphic because they have rotating backs. I thought maybe a Linhof III, because they are cheaper than the IV's, but it seems that they are pretty much a dead system so more difficult to deal with in the long run, but same can be said with Graphics.

1) Can you cam a 150mm lens on a Super Graphic? I read that someone does it, is it costly? How does it work with a Linhof III?

2) Can you easily change a lenses? Maybe not as quick as on smaller formats, but do I need special tools to mount a 210mm or do I need to calibrate the rangefinder every time I go from a cammed lens to a non-cammed one? Not sure how it works?

3) If I do go with a Linhof then only they can cam the lenses, right? I'm not sure how camming works either.

I might just go monorail because they seem cheaper and more useful with movements. I figured that if camming lenses isn't practical then I might as well go Monorail.

My main intention is to use one of these on a tripod but I do value portability. I don't have much interest in using one by hand but if I can, then I'd give that a try although I'm not sure how comfortable that would be. I might have to go through a folder and monorail, eventually, and see which suits me best. The difference between the two seems similar to the difference between a Rollei vs Blad. They both are great but one is more suitable for handheld use while the other is arguably more suitable to tripod use.