Most wooden folding cameras have adjustable backs - you un-clip them and put them back in the new orientation. I like technical cameras such as the Linhofs and the MPP, but they have their trade-offs. Using wide lenses is more difficult, there is a limit on the size of the rear lens element that will fit into the front standard, and rangefinder cams are best customized to the individual lens.

The movements one actually uses depends more on the sort of photography one does. My MPP does not have convenient front forward tilt. It can be done, but not simply. Using rear tilt affects image proportions. So I tend to use the Wista for landscapes where a little forward tilt can be useful. The MPP gets used when I need front shift and rise, something to focus a 400mm lens, or something a little more robust for travel.

You can do practically anything with any 5x4 camera (except possible hand-hold a monorail as a general thing), but the designs are optimized for different things.