Did you do the calculation ?

Why you pay to Rolex ? Because they support hundreds of organisation world class and worldwide. And they are handsome. Leica dont do this but offer the best engineering. You have to support it . Look for Seikos inventions , they are completely idiot , they make an analog watch , time kept by a computer. Leica is not Rolex but Vacheron Constantin or Patek Philippe.

When you give 1 million to Patek , it uses 900 handmade parts and conduct 31 different works together including your homes location 365 days stars map. Its a amazing engineering and all the money goes to keep them in business and good work.

Leica does the same , it calculates deeper in mathematics and grow new solutions, like their glass research. You have to support it.

I have not 6000 euros for new Leica but Leica user more than 20 years and it pays back every penny you give it.

I think its hot and humidified