Thankfully, it has cooled down a bit. It will be 61 degrees F tonight. That is pretty good camping weather for anyone who brings a tent. The next ten days look to be 80-85 with a couple of 87, 88 exceptions. I think we will find the gathering do-able.

I’m going to talk with Jim Fry in a couple of days to confirm our welcome for another shoot. He said there were 17 of us there in May. Who will be bringing pictures for him? It is a small tribute to pay for so many photo opportunities. I have already given him 43 this year and a few less last year.

The event is getting close. Dale (ic-racer) sent an email to Charlie and me organizing his Lith printing demo. We will probably have it in two sessions, Saturday and Sunday so everyone can still shoot and see the demo? Who will be bringing samples of their Lith work?

The event is just a little over two weeks away. Who is coming? Is there some enthusiasm out there? How about a little BUZZ.