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Apparently something on one of my 500c/m bodies: While checking it out (running through the shutter speeds and apertures on my 80 CFT*) prior to taking it out on a hiking trip next weekend, I did something to lock up the shutter. I was able to remove the back to have a look inside but cannot see anything amiss. That said, I cannot remount the A12, nor can I remove the 80mm. Meanwhile the shutter remains open and a large flat pin on the bottom right (looking into the body) protrudes....
And looking through my other Blad stuff testing it out...my 50mm does not open up: changing apertures on the barrel has no effect. Time for some professional help...
See "How to unjam an Hasselblad"


BradleyK seems to be having a bad decade. Can someone help him with his Nikon.

Yes, I know that would not be in the spirit of this thread, but he needs some help now.