A monorail is cheap and very straight forward. The easiest large format camera to learn on.

You can pick up a Cambo or Calumet Camera for $200.00 or less. Old models which will work fine often sell for below $100.00. I have seen them sell as low as $50.00. If you have a little more money to spend then step up to a Sinar F for $300.00.

You can pick up a great 210mm lens in a modern shutter for easily less than $200.00. Probably for $150.00 or less if you are patient.

A lot of people sell their monorails with a 210mm for an even better deal.

If you later decide to sell the monorail you will probably get what you paid for it or a little less. It can be a good idea to keep the monorail in addition to your new field camera for portraits and still life's if you do that sort of thing.

It's easy to change lenses. They are mounted on lens boards so you just swap them out. If you need to mount a lens to a board there is a very cheap tool you can buy to do this. It's just a flat piece of metal able to remove retaining rings or flanges.

I think everyone who shoots film should try large format but alas sheet film is not for everyone. That is why I suggest getting into it cheaply so If you decide it's not your bag you can get out without being hurt.