There are no real changes in policy here, but a few points to note, about which there often seems to be confusion--

We don't want to be a link farm for eBay, but if your item doesn't sell after a week or so and you want to move it to eBay, it's okay to post a link to the auction as a comment to the existing thread.

It is not necessary for the seller to name a price, though it's a nice thing to do.

Let's not have potshots from the peanut gallery please. If you think the price is too high, but aren't planning to make an offer yourself, then the market can decide that without heckling. If you think an ad violates the rules, just like any thread, please report it to the moderators, rather than commenting in the thread.

If you want to cover your sales overhead aside from shipping (packaging, driving to the post office, transaction fees, etc.) we'd recommend doing it like any other business and incorporating that into the cost of the item. Be aware that you may be violating your agreement with your payment service, if you ask the buyer to cover transaction fees. It is also perfectly reasonable for one party in the transaction to refuse to do something illegal, like misreporting customs status or value.