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That would be far more work than it is worth. A football match is 90 mins. If you were to record the whole at 24 fps. That would be 129,600 frames. 30 fps would be 162,000 frames. Who is going to do the editing by the deadline for the next days distrubution.

Furthermore, why can we not just talk about the revival of film? Why must these dicussions about digital occur? Digital is here and is fesible, no reason to rehash this.

Increasingly this is how many sports photographers work. However they don't video the entire game, just selected snatches, which are transmitted to the picture desk to edit out into still frames.

I agree we should talk about the revival of film. However think upon this; if the current trend of incorporating more video facilities into still digi cameras continues, will it reach the point where digital cameras become primarily video? (which appeals to the consumer more anyway). If this happens, then still digital cameras could cease to exist. Then will we see a gap in the market filled by the re-introduction of high quality film cameras? It's an interesting thought.