I have a great gig going with Sony of Canada as a digital imaging "expert" so am not trying to rock the boat. However I've really been into photography for 30 years and decided to look into the Masters program on the advice of a friend who teaches.
At first I was interested in the teaching idea but once I looked into the MFA I've expanded my thinking way past just teaching.

The "Studio" assignments have been great... working on a documentary on grass roots rodeo cowboys.

The "Written" assignments have been even better.... tons of reading on photography, I have books everywhere by great photographers, usually spend Wednesday afternoons in the archive vault at the Art Gallery of Ontario looking at original prints by Walker Evans, Eugene Smith, Weston. etc. Really enjoying it, learning a lot and it has really focused my efforts.

Would I teach one day, might, but as I said I have a really good gig at Sony.

As a career photographer who mostly freelanced or worked at papers.... good gigs are hard to get in this business.