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Thanks Glenn! These are the best examples of this film that I have seen. You seem to have little trouble getting images with great contrast from this film. Are you doing anything special in that regard?

Looks like EI 250 in Microdol 1+1 is the winner... love the Naples gallery!
The lower contrast of cine films is an advantage in some ways. One may increase the development time to bring the contrast up to normal still film level. With the additional development there is often a small increase in film speed. I develop so the contrast a little lower than normal still values. I target for optimal printing on grade 3 paper. The lower contrast agrees well with my scanner and helps minimize blown highlights in scans.

The developers that work well with Tri-X will work well with Double-X. It just requires some experimentation to get to the contrast you want for printing with an EI that retains good shadow detail. HC-110 dil. H and Microdol 1+3 work well for wide brightness ranges. These very dilute developers inhibit blown highlights very well, but the grain is more evident, especially in scans. Microdol 1+1 is a good compromise. It softens the grain just a little, produces a nice mid-tone range, and still controls the highlights well. This film/developer combination works well for the street shooting I like to do.