Sorry it took me so long to answer, but sometimes life just happens … I am happy to let you now, that I posted all my 20 cards today and they are now on their way to the various corners of the world. Let me begin by thanking all of you for having me in your postcard exchange. I am a beginner when it comes to darkroom printing and you will clearly see this in my card, but it was a lot of fun and I promise I will get practice hard to get better during the upcoming rounds
If anyone does not receive their card, please let me know and I will send an extra card.

So far I received 5 cards and I guess I did well to put them away until I had put the postage on my cards, otherwise I am not sure I would have sent out my cards. You guys are amazing!!! Here they are in the order received:

First card to find it’s way to me was “Michigan Avenue” from J Rollinger. I really like the scene and it really draws you in. I can almost feel the people staring at me while they are crossing the street. I like the off-center composition and that there is so much to experience in this image, as there is a lot going on. Just like in real life, where we often don’t take the time to really see everything that is really happening around us in a given moment. The tonality is great, plenty of detail in the shadows and no blown out highlights, but still it seems to have the whole spectrum from black to almost white. Great print !!!

The second one to arrive in my mailbox was Rachel’s Hiroshia Peace Memorial. I had and have an instant strong emotional connection to this image. I am really in awe with the expressive print and how the way the image was taken and printed is really underlining for what this memorial stands. The ghostly reflections and blurred out people are really putting it into context. I really love how the peace dome actually is the brightest spot in the image, surrounded by utter darkness. I could go on and on about this image, I am really touched by it. I have been standing infront of the peace dome about 4 years ago and this image brings out all the feelings I had while I was there. Thank you so very much Rachel. This is a precious image and a precious moment you are sharing with us there. To me personally the craftsmanship of the print is amazing and I would not want to see it done any different. This must be one of my favorite images I have seen in a whie.

The third card I had the honor of receiving is ‘The Back Garden’ from Andy C . I am sure a lot of work went into this print! From the shadows and the light it looks like it is noonish and the sun is dazzeling down, but still, Andy somehow still retained so much detail in the sky and the highlights. Not sure if this is because it was IR film. Actually this is one of the first images really convincing me try IR film one day.
I can for sure feel the warm sun on my face while looking at the image in a year with a miserable summer over here
The tonality, the sharpness and the detail make this image something to hang on my enlarger for inspiration. Thank you for sharing and I sure would have liked to look over your shoulder while printing it.

Number four is ‘Textures, shoreline Park’ . This is another gripping image to me. I so love the story telling character of the image and how my mind starts spinning stories around this corroder thing (to me it looks like part of a ship) …
I love how you combined so many different textures. The sand, the stones, the corroded metal, the water and while not clearly visible, the breeze coming from the water. I can almost taste the salty air and feel the sand and the stones underneath my feet and between my toes. Thank you very much for this lovely image. I really think you did an awesome job in interpreting those textures through your print. I hope one day I will be able to actually print tones so well, because to me you just hit the sweet-spot when it comes to the tones you printed, not to dark, not to light and in the right contrast. Awesome!

Last but not least yesterday I received ‘Truro Reservoir’ from George. Well I have to say I was rooted outside at my mailbox for a couple of minutes staring at this amazing image. Even now that that I am looking at it again, it is hard to concentrate on continuing to write. The scene is so nice , relaxed and serene, but the IR film gives it a quite different atmosphere. It is just a little off and makes it a little eerie. I would love to see a bigger print of this. Definitely a masterly crafted print showing a lot of heart and soul through the print. There is detail where there needs to be detail, a wide range of tones I did not even know are possible with IR film. I love the image, the composition and the interpretation. This image wants me to know more about the person who took this. Thank you so much for sharing.