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Hey guys,

I'm new here and it's nice to see people still doing photography, film and darkroom printing like myself. I do have a question regarding a Omega D5500 enlarger. I guess this only pertains to other memebers that are familier with this enlarger. The thing that I have to watch close is I have to trim my 120 very close to slide it in the condenser slot. the million dollar question is.. I'm I going about this the correct way?

Best Regards, ToddB
I have posted quite a few threads on the care and feeding of the D5500.

Your question is a little vague.

I think you might be asking about the fact that when putting negatives in the negative carrier, they can only hang out the front of the carrier. So 6x6cm film needs to be cut in strips no longer than about 4 frames, otherwise the middle frames may not be able to line up with the opening in the negative carrier.