Original poster here. Gerald, Charles, thanks for your replies. I must reiterate I'm using gelatin as a paper sizing, not as an emulsion.

Air bubbles, digestion, noodling, molecular weight, I'm not doing any of that. I'm not making film. Now in the future I want to use gelatin as a base/emulsion for printing on ceramic or glass--then that will be very useful information.

Again, for sizing paper, numerous books I've read and various websites state to allow the gelatin to bloom but never why. I've let gelatin bloom as described....

....and then I've also simply put a measured amount of dry gelatin granules in a glass lab beaker, filled it with hot water and then placed the beaker in a hot water bath to keep the temperature up. Some slow stirring with a glass rod, the gelatin melts and it looks identical to the cold bloom gelatin. Is this wrong?