I ordered a 400 ft roll from kodak for the first time the other day and just developed my first roll today. I used Adox MQ Borax as suggested by the rff thread (similar to d76 but with a bit more snap) and developed it for 7+ minutes at EI250. I can confirm a couple of things:

Low Contrast
Thicker Film Base (but you can still rip through the sprocket holes)
Dries flat
No edge numbers but there is a barcode

Mine had a pinkish cast. I originally fixed with TF-4, then washed, noticed the color had not diminished, so refixed in a new standard rapid fix and rewashed. Still a tinge of pink there.

Here is the long rff post that has a lot of nice observations about this film and the Orwo films:


Here is the site that developed from that (very nice spread sheet for developers and times and other things)


Here is a test shot that has sky and some trees in the background. What I notice is that the sky shows a pleasant grain and that I see more details in the trees than I normally do with other films. And the other shot is some veggies I should be eating. What I notice is there is something very smooth and pleasant about the way it renders a scene.

xx2sm.jpg xx9sm.jpg