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MP film stock is a bit thicker than still film stock for obvious reasons.
I am not sure of what the "reasons you would expect 5222 to be thinker than say 400TX in 35mm? I have not used a micrometer, but have never noticed any real difference, with 5222 or the other long gone MP stocks that I used in the past (4X and XT pan). The 35mm Movie print stocks are thinner than the negative stocks, as they come on a Polyester base, but those are not normally of much use in a camera.

The 35mm movie stock does have slightly different perforations, but that should not bother most still cameras. (BH 1866 vs KS 1870) The BH perforations actually were used for all 35mm film at one time.

The edge printing does only have key numbers every foot, so you can't just make a note to "print shot 27", but that is hardly a hardship.