I got a really good deal on some black and white film a while back so lately I have been shooting a lot of this Kodak BW400CN chromogenic black and white film. I love the look of the film under the loupe, and the 400 ISO is certainly flexible while remaining grain free, but I am just now getting ready to print some of the negatives. Since the negatives all have that orange backing, I am wondering how best to start with my printing to mask that color. Everything I have printed so far has been normal black and white so it was not an issue.

I use a Beseler 45 enlarger with the Dichro 45 computerized color head and it would be helpful if there are some color head settings that I can use to start my printing with. I am a real amateur at this but I do know that I will need to do some experimentation with the negative itself to get a print that I like. But there is likely a setting for the color head that will remove that orange film base color as a variable to start with. I may be concerned over nothing, if so it was at least worth a question.

Since I am still learning how to work with my enlarging I have limited myself to one paper. Right now the only paper I have is Arista EDU Ultra VC RC glossy, and I have a fair amount of this on hand. It has worked great for my previous work and it is certainly inexpensive for a learner. Obviously this is what I intend to work with if possible. However, if there is some other paper that is a better starting point, feel free to head me in the right direction. I have been looking for an excuse to try out some of the Ilford papers anyway.

As always, thank you all very much for your time, and your help.

If my limited search skills have resulted in my missing a great thread that fully explains how to start out with this film, I apologize. I would appreciate your pointing me in the right direction if possible.