I bought this old oscilloscope camera cheap off of eBay mostly so I could get the polaroid back off the thing to use for pinhole cameras, but I figured I'd tinker around with the actual camera to see if I could come up with any good use for it.

I don't think I really have much use for the camera as-is, and I don't want to bother trying to modify it or anything, but I noticed that I should be able to take the lens and shutter out and use them on something else like perhaps a view camera or at least sell them and perhaps recoup the cost of the whole thing.

After unscrewing the lens it seems that it's an Ilex Oscillo-Paragon 56mm f/1.9. From what I understand these oscilloscope lenses are not exactly THE most awesome lenses, but my LF-nut photo instructor was impressed with the f/1.9 so I figured that I'd put a little more research into it to decide if it was worth keeping the lens and shutter for use with whatever large format camera I end up buying. (I'll probably get one in the next 6 months for sure, likely in the next 3 months.) The shutter is an electronic shutter which should also be an Ilex though I haven't bothered to remove it yet.

Is there anything interesting I can do with such a lens/shutter that I can't do with a more general use view camera lens? Like for example, even if it's not that great in general, can it do anything like close up shots without lots of bellows extension or is f/1.9 a huge speed improvement over most LF lenses, even if the optical quality isn't so great?