If you do not find pinhole photographs aesthetically pleasing, then perhaps pinhold photography is not for you. The majority of pinhole shims are laser-drilled, but no harm in getting a dremmel out for a blitz. The inherent soft, out of focus look, with characteristically with excellent definition and contrast, is part of the pinhole magic; there are people out there who make pinhole cameras, then take the negs to a scanner, sharpen to the nth degree and give up because it does not look like a print from a camera. Derrrr. So, it's a pointless exercise to strive for a super-sharp pinhole. If it were possible, Leonardo Da Vinci would have come up with that first in the Tower of Winds. Nothing has changed over the ensuing centuries. The test pic of the lock and chain looks correct for a pinhole; never mind about the black line. Put the pinhole in a camera and shoot some real world subjects like buildings, landscapes etc, into the sun, sun off-centre etc to guage the effect of flare, which can quite often be sensational as an inclusion in pinhole images, dependent on the quality of the pinhole itself.