Hello, Polyglot, and thanks for your quick response. I had to ask, since I wasn't sure where the fog came from.

From what I see so far, the original negative silver image is visible through the antihaliation layers, as is the silver that is a by-product from the colour development. I was very surprised to see the almost completely black film turn bright orange after souping into the bleach, so I decided I would end up with very faint image...
I got even more surprised when the bright orange disappeared and the uniform dark brownish-black cast appeared when souped into the fixer.

I assume my washing was enough to wash the colour developer completely before souping to the bleach, and enough to wash most of the bleach before pouring the fixer in.

Back to the B&W developer: How much should I develop? I assume Rodinal 1+100 will never reach the knee of the curve, since that is what it does - it never overdevelops anything. Should I double the developer (pour 10ml concentrate instead of 5ml) and keep the time and temp, or should I go a completely different route?

And since I never got training in photography, densitometry, etc, can I assume that what you mean as contrast 1 is a very, very dense B&W negative? A negative that one would consider very overdeveloped as a B&W negative?