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Come on PE!!!! This is Kodak!! They have to survive!!!! What would a world be like without Kodak films?
I don't mean this as a slant against Kodak at all, but if Kodak disappeared, we'd have Velvia and Reala and Superia and Provia and Neopan and Acros and all the wonderful Ilford films, not to mention the niche players like Efke and Foma. The film world would be hurt (I'd sorely miss Ektar 100, for example, just like I already miss Plus-X) but the world would soldier on.

I don't fear Kodak's demise, particularly; I do fear the day when we might lose our last C41 or E6 film. I think black and white film will be available for a considerable time yet, but I'm not so sure about E6.