I knew there was a reason I was holding off enlarging any of these negatives. Do you hear that Dear?? I am not just lazy!!

Just so you know, I shoot a lot of conventional black and white as well, particularly in medium format, so this film is not my only option. However, I like learning new things so I figured this would be one of those opportunities. I just didn't think I would be learning this much. If I run into too many challenges I probably will sell it to someone who has a scanner. I do have one but scanning is not always the cake walk that people would have you believe either. Besides, I hate spending that much time with any computer.

Based on your responses it almost seems like this might be a chance for me to play around with some color printing, without the color of course. I do have a Dichro color head after all, even though all I have ever used it for is to adjust contrast for my normal black and white printing.

I think I will also pick up a small selection of graded, fiber paper to try out as well. If it doesn't work so well with these negs I can always play around with it using my standard negs.

Are there any suggestions out there for some inexpensive, graded black and white fiber papers, maybe a sample pack of different grades. Also, maybe someone could steer me towards some inexpensive color paper and chemicals to try out.

Again, thanks for your suggestions